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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snake Oil

I took Diana to MOM's (the organic market) today. I didn't really need anything since yesterday. I just figured she'd like the store. She did. While there, I had a mini-epiphany about my quest. Over the past two days I've struggling with some of the specific rules governing what I can get away with in terms of packaged good, I.e. canned beans, canned tomato sauce, etcetera. My premise thus far has been focused on the ingredients. If it's all natural, and has nothing in it that I wouldn't use in my own kitchen, it was fair game. At MOM's, I came up with something better: If there are two ways to consume a thing, I will pick the least complex of the two, or the more basic.

Diana has been trying to get me to start taking fish oil as a dietary supplement. Just recently, I agreed that it is good for me and would do so. So, we're at the natural store looking at the vitamin section. I had to ask the lady for help, as I have yet to become a fish oil expert. She took me around the corner to a couple of shelves exhibiting a veritable cornucopia of fish oil products and proceeds to direct my attention towards the most popular bottle of gel capsules. At this point I'm forced to pause. I can see bottles of fish oil capsules, but below them are bottles of liquid fish oil.

As I realized with what I had just come face to face, my stomach turned a little, and I think I may have thrown up in my mouth a bit. This was going to suck.

Immediately seeing my dilemma (A blind ferret could have read the expression on my face from space), Diana jumps to the rescue.
Diana, “No way. That's disgusting!”
Me, “I have to look at the ingredients of the gel-caps themselves.”
Diana, “It says glycerin and water. That's completely natural.”
Me, “I think I should get the liquid.”
Diana, “I'm not taking that”

See, on the one hand, yeah, the gel caps are pretty simple and they're made of stuff I can probably buy in that same store. But, the liquid is, without a herring's doubt, the less complex of the two. So will be buying liquid fish oil and taking it with a spoon. Diana purchased a bottle of capsules. Bitch.

And you thought the sardine burps were bad.


Vickers said...

Well... To be fair, I'm sure you've had worse things in your mouth.

Carmen said...
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